Miguel Chong ’08

April 22, 2008

I was getting ready to go to San Pedro, a city 2 hours away from mine, to attend a Honduran designer’s fashion show. I was excited and wanted to post on the blog before leaving until I realised I couldn’t access any of my accounts! I was sad because I knew I wouldn’t have a blog to come back to with the lowdown on the fashion show but, I can’t help it. I need to vent out all my (fashion-related) emotions and started this new blog.


About the show, Miguel Chong was the Honduran designer and the event was held in favor of the Ruth Paz foundation. I was really looking forward to seeing people’s CLOTHES, outrageous funky outfits, spunky risk-takers, ugly pretty accessories and strange color combos. Eh…I saw a cute dress or two, nice shoes. High maintenance people…alot of chandelier earrings, fancy hair.


I do admire the man just to think he could even put up a show here in Honduras. It seems like a ton of work! I found my outfit last minute. I’m not going to say how much both dresses cost me (layered them). I’ll just let you think it was incredibly expensive. *Hint hint* I hadn’t been to an event like that before, so I did have a lot of fun, I admit!


 At sewing school they have me working on pockets, hems, etc. etc. so I haven’t had the time to work on anything big. The summer dress was an ugly grey t-shirt + spring print fabric. Pretty easy! And this purple skirt which I plan to throw on whenever I’m in a rush, super easy to make as well.


I have some pretty cool news! I was offered a place as a reporter/presenter for the fashion section of a new local TV show that hasn’t aired yet. The funny thing is the channel is mostly about crude news! Images of homicide, accidents, protests, etc. and then fashion, health and interior design?! That’ll be interesting!


Cons: Heavy, heavy makeup. Tips anyone? I learned how to apply blush just last week! More public exposure to humiliation (ha, and I complained about that on the old blog). Ohhh, and get this! I was asked to “tone it down”. TONE IT DOWN?! Nah-uh. In other words, no Emilio de la Morena, Peter Pilotto or designers of the like I can mention.


I think they’ll settle for the Carolina Herrera/Oscar de la Renta/Michael Kors range, which I guess is okay compared to how the “Abercrombie & Fitch/Hollister” crowd are considered fashion royalty down here. Also, I intended to post this on one I left half way done on my old blog, and it was loong time ago but here it is:


The sweet sweet girls from chicintuition.com interviewed me for their site! Apparently they were having technical issues with the site and I’m not sure the link is working anymore, so this picture is all I have. Their site is filled with good stuff, go check it out!

 Anyway, thank you everyone for the support, and please keep helping me spread the word about the new blog! (Stevie thank you for the wonderful post!) All the pictures from the old blog are gone, but I’ll try to put them up somewhere.

I’m off to dinner!

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