Style Crimes

January 12, 2009

Key suggested I add “post on my blog more often” to my new year’s resolutions…but considering it’s already March and hot enough for snowballs down here I’m just going to add it to a random, rest of the year list of resolutions…it’s the job, I’m tellin’ ya!


I missed the obligated “It’s my birthday” post in December, the 2008 recap and the “Happy Valentine’s Day” post. I’ve always been bad with the whole traditions thing so who am I kidding?! I don’t feel that bad…but I do, however, hope everyone has had a great year so far! I personally started mine realising even more that I absolutely do NOT believe in fashion-related rules. There’s always an exception for anything, except for maybe clogs! I’ve been doing many things I once thought I NEVER would and I think it’s best best if I come clean! But please fellow bloggers, do have mercy on me!…Here’s the list:


Clogs vs. Paris Hilton Boots 


1.-Owning a pair of Paris Hilton boots! I didn’t buy them myself, they were a b-day present and yes, I am loving them! They’re purple and perfect and I wear them all the time! GUILTY!

2.-Leggings as pants. I’ve always considered them to be incredibly unflattering but shorts just added bulk under my thrifted tee. I’m hispanic and as a result have hispanic hips…so I’ll do with no bulk. Keep in mind, though, that my tee had the length of a short dress, so the bum was never exposed. That would’ve been disastrous!


 3.-And this one…I’ve been doing some online shopping, and not at Etsy. Instead? Forever21! Dont’ hate me, but I couldn’t resist that the HEATHER GREY T-SHIRTS ARE ONLY 5 DOLLARS! My paycheck is too tiny. And I can handwash. And then this hat…seriously, if I would’ve found this in my grandma’s closet I wouldn’t have had the need to…

mary-poppins-hatA boy at work calls me “merri popings” whenever I wear it.

4.- And last but not least…I was asked to model for both a local clothing commercial and a local jewelry shop’s ads. I agreed to it though I had no say in the clothes I wore. One of the dresses was a Diane Von Furstenberg knock-off and I’m not too keen on knock-offs (which is why #3 bothers me a bit). I just stood there and tried to look pretty! Hey, where else would a clumsy 5’2-er be asked to model?! Only in Honduras! For the jewelry ads they did agree to let me wear 2 of my own dresses (seen below). It was tons of fun, I admit.



Besides everything, I’m back in sewing school! We’re starting with the basics, and I already know most of the basics from my old school, but the teacher is nice enough to teach me some other stuff individually. Most of my classmates are 40+, super nice ladies!

Any style crimes you might want to come clean about?

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