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The Big Tent | Circus Inspiration

February 19, 2011

I was lucky enough to get into a tent during NY Fashion Week.
Okay, okay, bad joke…

Circus Renato - Honduras

When the Renato Circus came to town last week, I decided I would stop by and try to peek in. The show wouldn’t begin for another hour anyway, and my friend Mario agreed to come with me. When I was a kid I wasn’t allowed to visit the circus for various reasons (trauma stories, naughty clown jokes) and that’s probably why I still felt like I wasn’t supposed to be there.

Circus outfit - pleated skirt and blue button-up shirtPleated skirt made by myself, vintage choker from granny. 

We took a few pictures outside waiting to be kicked out any second, but instead we were surprisingly greeted by friendly circus performers (who weren’t in their costumes yet) and they offered a pre-show tour. HOW COULD WE POSSIBLY SAY NO TO THAT?!

circus-curtainMario’s big entrance. Haha! Vintage Ray-bans that me loves.

It was very spooky…the large dark tent, stunt cages, old furniture, clown makeup…so strange and exciting at the same time. One of the trapeze act boys insisted I go touch the tiger and I LOVE tigers, but caged animals are not my cup of tea, so I insisted he let us in one of the dressing rooms instead. He actually agreed!

Circus dressing roomFriendly welcome.

The dressing room on wheels was quite tiny, and the costumes were all squeezed into one small room. A few things were hanging on a wall.

Circus costumes

Cool looking (though destroyed) nude mary janes. Primary colors. Sequins. It’s a shame I wasn’t dressed for the occasion…my preppy button up and stiff pleated skirt were so BLAH in the midst of all the flamboyance.

Circus heels
It was funny how the crew kept asking me if I was a model (camera+heels give that vibe, I suppose), and asking me for me “eemay” address so they could see the pictures online. I was sad because my pesky camera REF– USED to behave in low lighting, and I couldn’t get a good shot of everybody.  Here’s one with the stunts boy, son of the ringmaster.

saltarinCute-ay. ♥

Such a memorable visit. The next day I happened to bump into some of the crew members at the mall! I’ll make sure to visit them next year…and with a better camera at hand. 

 I leave you with my circus inspired outfit:

Circus inspired outfitVintage 80s top, thrifted belt. Thrifted uniform skirt and T-strap mary janes to tone down the craziness a bit. 

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