Wrap Skirt

November 21, 2011

I’ve mentioned the lack of fabric choices in La Ceiba that leads to silly things like this, so once again I fell for a utility fabric with a funky print used for…TADADAAA…baby blankets!

Car print fabric

The texture is kinda cool, it promotes safety driving and has tinyLondon buses all over so t’was a keeper. Made a pattern for the “petal” skirt before cutting (I’m not a gifted cut-and-voilà type of seamstress, dangit), and I think it turned out okay.

Asymmetrical wrap skirt outfit

I don’t really fancy T-shirts or anything jersey, but I guess they’re a must-have for lazy days. I did like the cut & color of this one and it was really cheap, but the Snoopy print on the front was a wee bit too much, even for me. I figured I’d go Rei Kawakubo on it and wear it inside out, serged seams shining in all their mass produced glory.

Car print wrap skirt and t-shirt worn inside outThese pictures were taken in a construction site in my neighbourhood. I don’t think the workers were thrilled about me hogging up their cement machine…I climbed up on it at one point but it didn’t work out. *embarrassing*

Homemade wrap skirt and Topshop suede platform sandalsTop: Department store Carrion. Skirt: Self-made. Shoes: Topshop (perhaps the only thing I own from Topshop, what the heck, it’s really not as cheap as everyone raves, at least not for a student on a budget like myself. By the wayyy, neither is Zara!)

Wrap skirt and t-shirt outfit

 Anway, it’s nice to have a new skirt to add to my kooky-prints collection. ♥

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