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DIY Summer Outfit

September 8, 2013
Floral dress: Before

I found this frumpy but kinda sweet muumuu-shaped dress at a thrift store in the L.5 ($0.25) box and brought it home to turn it into a more versatile summer two-piece. I love the feeling of finding far-from-impressive clothing items and performing surgery on them. It’s great for my currently limited budget (I’m on saving mode…plans, plans plans!) and keeps my sewing skills from getting rusty.

After: Summer Two-Piece outfit idea for summer

I revamp most of my thrifted items but unfortunately I rarely ever post about the “Before”. Sometimes it’s just a small detail, but ohhh what a difference something as tiny as buttons can make!

Floral two-piece DIY is ideal for summer
Two-piece: thrifted dress, Hat: Forever21, Earrings: vintage from grandma.
Two-piece outfit

Anyway, I love Before & Afters anything so I’m hoping you guys do to, because I plan to turn this into a new post category. Any clever ideas for the category name? Feel free to leave your feedback! And if you think this sailor collar is a little too crazy, feel free to vent out as well!

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